Utilizing REMI Productions Outside Live Sports

REMI Production

Broadcast Management Group currently provides long-term production staffing, broadcast consulting, creative services and system integration services for an OTT financial network based in Chicago. Our team has been involved in the development of the network since its inception – helping to design the technical facilities, creating the show formats and providing all of the technical and creative staff to support the ongoing network operation. When the channel first launched, we were producing 3 hours of live content per day, which has since expanded to 9 hours of live programming, Monday through Friday. When our client recently expressed an interest in adding new programming live from New York, we had to come up with a technical solution to meet their needs. We turned to a REMI production solution.

For the launch of the New York programing, we knew we couldn’t build out a new infrastructure in NYC as that wouldn’t be financially viable – especially for one program. The client had an existing relationship with the Nasdaq Studio in Times Square, which we were able to leverage to support their new mid-day show.

We hired additional producing staff in New York specifically for this new program, but when it came to the technical team, we were hesitant to hire additional bodies. We are able to get maximum productivity out of our producing staff because they can spend the first half of their day prepping for the mid-day show, then the second half of the day prepping for tomorrow’s program. That’s not the case for a technical team, who would only be needed for 1-2 hours per day. Not to mention the fact that the client has a brand-new production facility in Chicago.

So, to accommodate this new mid-day program, our engineers designed a REMI production workflow that would allow us to control much of the Nasdaq Studio from our Chicago control room. From Chicago we feed all content via 2 Live U 220 encoders to a Live U 2000 decoder, feed the on-set monitor walls and send prompter and program return. Comms and IFB are integrated between the two control rooms via phone lines. Currently the cameras are cut in NYC from the Nasdaq and the line cut sent back to our control room in Chicago where graphics are integrated into the show. Our Director in Chicago has full communication with the control room in New York, as well as talent and operators.

Currently we have 3 feeds from NYC to Chicago, 2 via Live U and 1 via Encompass. The 3 feeds include the main program feed, backup feed and jib camera. We also have 5 feeds from Chicago to NYC via Live U and Encompass.  This allows the network to take advantage of their existing infrastructure, thus allowing them to keep costs down and also have redundant connections.

While REMI productions are most commonly found in live sports, there are certainly other applications. Not only did this prove to be a cost effective and technically feasible solution for our client in Chicago, but we see this as a technical solution that can easily be rolled out to other news networks or OTT channels outside of the sports realm. With an existing master control already established, the cost to add remote integration from other facilities – whether those be domestic or international – is incrementally less than building out a local facility or infrastructure in each market.

If you’re interested in learning more about this project, or would like to discuss the possibility of rolling out your own REMI setup, our system integration team is happy to help. Contact us any time.

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