Creative Services

Creative Services

Broadcast Management Group’s creative services team has mastered the art of storytelling. We develop original show formats and innovative programming designed to drive audience engagement for both digital and traditional platforms.

Broadcast Management Group’s creative services team understands the importance of delivering great content. We know that, in order to effectively drive results and increase engagement, you must connect to your target audience through their preferred delivery method. Whether you’re developing show formats for linear networks or for OTT networks, we have mastered the art of storytelling across all platforms. Our in-house production team consists of showrunners, EPs, producers, writers, bookers, editors and graphic designers – all ready to support your content development needs and make your vision a reality. The key to developing engaging content is understanding your target demographic. You need to know who they are, what they like, and how they prefer to view content. You must also define the goals and objectives of the program itself.

Is the content designed to educate and inform viewers, or drive sales? Once the audience has been defined and objectives have been laid out, our production team will get to work mapping out creative concepts and show formats that will resonate with your audience and meet your editorial objectives. The show development process is only one piece of the creative approach. In addition to the programming structure, you need a polished graphics package to complete the creative treatment. Broadcast Management Group’s in-house creative team can design and build animated show opens, bumpers, lower thirds, bugs and anything else you need to complete your broadcast graphics package. Our graphic artists are also experienced in designing virtual sets and environments. We’ll design creative elements for hard sets, such as flats and signage.

And, as you approach the launch of your program, we’ll develop and produce a sizzle reel to generate buzz and excitement about the premiere of your new content. In addition to providing creative services, Broadcast Management Group has over a decade of experience in live production, broadcast consulting, system integration, and production staffing. Our deep roots in the technical and creative aspects of content development make us a valuable production partner, who is well versed in all stages of production. And, because technology is central to everything we produce, our creative services team is able to leverage it to further enhance their creative approach. We want you to consider Broadcast Management Group’s creative services team your full-service partner, magnifying your strengths through ours.

Our Content Development Services Include:

  • Show format development for series and specials
  • Run-of-show development for live productions or live events
  • Design and creation of broadcast graphics, including show opens, bumpers, lower-thirds, animations, and bugs
  • Sizzle reel production for network promos
  • Design and creation of virtual sets and environments
  • Social media integration, polling, and trivia
  • Set design services, including both hard sets and virtual sets
  • Talent booking and management services

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“You are all wonderful people and I would love the chance to work together again.”

Cyndi Babasa | Senior Vice President, Walt & Company

Creative Lead

Driss Sekkat
Driss Sekkat
Head of Global Creative Services

Senior VP Creative Development & Global Productions
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Driss Sekkat is an international award-winning executive producer and programming launch expert. Driss oversees BMG’s global creative services. Driss Sekkat is an international award-winning executive producer and programming launch expert. Driss oversees BMG’s global creative services. Driss has won some of the industry’s most prestigious awards, producing original content in over 15 countries in multiple languages. Most recently, Driss was tasked by BMG to create and launch the first financial Over-The-Top (OTT) network of its kind, TD Ameritrade Network. As the executive producer, Driss led the network’s launch of 8 hours of original live programming, which includes the latest addition “The Watch list with Nicole Petallides” live from Times Square in New York City. Driss also oversaw TDA Network’s creative projects, including strategic partnerships with Bloomberg’s 24 hour Twitter channel, Tic Toc and the network’s special programming at the Nasdaq. Other recent projects include Equinox, the International Monetary Fund and Verizon Fios News. In 2016, Driss Sekkat executive produced a 3 part hard-hitting documentary series on violent extremism, filmed in...

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