Media Asset Management (MAM)

As part of its production-focused Managed Services offering for Enterprise clients, BMG provides a best-in-class MAM (Media Asset Management) solution powered by Curator from IPV.

As the proliferation of video content increases, organizations need to efficiently manage large volumes of assets, particularly across varied departments and teams, including marketing, creative, and technology departments.

BMG’s end-to-end MAM offering delivers a comprehensive software and cloud server/storage solution leveraging the BMG Cloud Control Center™, a purpose-built private cloud designed by broadcast and video production experts. Alternatively, if an existing cloud provider is in place, there are seamless integration opportunities.

Benefits of a MAM System:

Increase Video Production Productivity

  • Automate what are traditionally manual tasks & remove the bottleneck of downloading/uploading large video files to access, view, and edit.

Increase the Reuse of Existing Video & Decrease Production Cost

  • Leverage AI video search tools to drive the re-purposing of existing video by rapidly surfacing any clip in seconds that contains a specific object, person, or spoken word.

Seamless Remote Creative Working for Distributed Team

  • Enable teams to share, cloud edit, and collaborate on real-time projects and content.

Benefits of BMG Managed Services:

Staff experts in Broadcast production and workflow
Once in the BMG Cloud Control Center™ access to a wide array of production services on demand
Fully integrated solution, avoid confusion of multiple vendors
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