Creative Services

Creative Services

Our creative services team can help you build strong audience engagement by developing original show formats for both traditional networks and digital platforms. Our team offers a full suite of creative solutions from innovative format development to the creation of broadcast graphics packages.

Our creative team serves clients who are looking to turn their idea into an original, innovative program. Our internal team of producers, designers, and editors can execute all needed components of an original show. From ideation of the overall show format to design of the graphics treatment and execution of pre-produced video assets.

Our creative process starts simply with your idea for a program. From that idea, we’ll want to know who your target audience is and quantify your success metrics. Understanding the basics of your concept, and who you want to reach, we’ll begin to develop an original show format that focuses on your core audience and desired results. We are firm believers in the value of pre-production – the more that goes into planning, the higher quality the output. That’s why our creative team puts a heavy emphasis on developing a treatment and researching the motivations of your target demographic.

With a completed treatment and a formal show format, our in-house team of designers will work on polishing off the show with a graphics package, set design, and creation of any pre- produced video assets. From there, it’s time to shoot, produce, and execute the program. Whether you’re looking for a one-off live production or a long-running series, our creative team will help you develop an engaging program that drives results and ratings.

Creative Services

Our creative team is committed to conducting extensive up-front research and due diligence to ensure we’re developing a creative approach that resonates with your target demographic. Broadcast Management Group can provide your organization with a turn-key approach – offering support on both the creative and technical aspects of content creation. Our in-house team of producers and designers have developed a range of formats, giving us a wide range of knowledge and creative expertise that allows us to meet your needs.

Show format development for series and specials

Run-of-show development for live productions or live events

Design and creation of broadcast graphics

Design and creation of virtual sets

Social media integration, polling, and trivia

Talent booking and management services

Set design and fabrication services

Creation of pre-produced video assets



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