REMI Mobile Broadcasting Production Units

Remote production just got easier. Our custom-built REMI mobile broadcasting production units allow you to streamline and simplify your on-location infrastructure while maintaining high production value.

Streamline your live remotes without sacrifice. Our REMI mobile unit provides all the horsepower of a traditional OB truck while offering cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Streamline Your Remote Productions

Designed and built by our system integration division, Broadcast Management Group’s REMI mobile unit (RMU) is a mobile production trailer that fully embraces the REMI workflow. Our REMI mobile unit allows clients to streamline their on-site footprint, lessen headcount, and drastically reduce setup time. The RMU offers a plug-and-play solution that doesn’t compromise production value by seamlessly integrating with our REMI broadcast hub. Our REMI mobile unit provides all the on-site infrastructure necessary to support a live production while offering cost-saving and operational efficiencies that can only occur through a remote production workflow.

Trailer Capabilities

Our REMI mobile unit arrives at your venue with 8 cameras on-board. Audio capabilities include wired and wireless mics, announcer, and commentary boxes. Video and audio paths are transmitted from the venue to our REMI broadcast hub using LiveU and TVU technology. From our central hub, your program is switched, mixed, recorded, and streamed. Our centralized technology and decentralized staffing approach to remote production allow for graphics insertion and playback to happen remotely or from our broadcast hub. The RMU features 6 workstations with intercom panels and Multiview displays, allowing for producing and directing functions to happen on-site, at our broadcast hub, or remotely. Our RMU offers a compact footprint and a streamlined production workflow making it an ideal solution for remote productions of any kind.

REMI Advantages
Lower Production Costs

REMI workflows allow you to leverage existing infrastructure and streamline your technical approach, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Decrease Travel Expenses

With talent, producers, and technicians working remotely, REMI production can reduce or even eliminate travel costs.

Eliminate Geographic Barriers

REMI workflows allow you to access talent, producers, and technicians anywhere in the world, eliminating geographic barriers.

Reduced On-Site Infrastructure

By utilizing a central remote production facility, you’re able to decrease setup time and reduce your on-location footprint.

Key Components
  • Grass Valley LDX 86 WorldCam cameras
  • Panasonic PTZ robotic cameras
  • RTS matrixed intercom system and ClearCom FreeSpeak II wireless beltpacks
  • Shure RF microphones and Sennheiser MD46 talent microphones
  • Glensound MinFerno/3 announcer box
  • Encrypted VPN tunnel
  • 8 video paths via LiveU
  • 12 video paths via TVU
REMI Workflow Specs
  • On-Site
    Camera Operating Audio Support Video Shading
  • Broadcast Hub
    Video Switching Audio Mixing Recording Streaming / Live Transmission
  • Remote
    Producing Directing Graphics Insertion Playback Prompting
  • On-Site
    Tech Manager Video Engineer A2 Camera Operators Utilities PAs
  • Broadcast Hub
    EIC Technical Director A1
  • Remote
    Producer Director Graphics Operator Playback Operator Encoding Engineer Prompter Operator
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REMI Mobile Unit 2 Specs Download
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