Production Staffing

Production Staffing

Broadcast Management Group provides long-term staffing, management, and recruitment servicesto support new network launches or ongoing facility operations. Our production staffing division can help you secure technical or creative talent to support your content creation goals.

Our production staffing team serves clients seeking technical and creative personnel to support their ongoing production operations. We provide staffing support and management, including job descriptions, pre-screenings, onboarding, payroll, benefits, and insurance.

To begin our production staffing arrangement, we'll start by establishing your staffing needs. What positions are you looking to fill? And how long do you need them? Once we have an idea of your personnel needs, we'll work on establishing the structure of your staffing engagement. Broadcast Management Group provides outsourced staffing solutions (in which we lease an employee to your organization), or recruitment-based staffing (in which we help you find specific talent). With our arrangement locked-in, next, we'll work on finalizing a job description and leveraging our national infrastructure to begin lining up potential candidates.

Once we have a pool of potential candidates, we'll line up interviews with your organization's key stakeholders. When a candidate is selected and approved, we'll get them onboarded and ready to start.

Staffing Services

We provide clients with flexible staffing solutions designed to meet long-term company objectives. As a full-service production company, our team understands the roles and responsibilities of technical and creative positions, having routinely booked and hired them ourselves over the past 15+ years. Our national infrastructure allows us to find staffing resources in any major market quickly and efficiently.

Outsourced production staffing solutions

Talent recruitment

Screening, interviewing, and onboarding

Labor scheduling, logistics, and management

Payroll management and benefits administration

Placement of full-time personnel or independent contractors

Placement of technical or creative positions

Talent wrangling and interview bookings for high-profile events


Jason B. Vega

Chief Human Resources Officer

Head of Production Staffing
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Daniel Green | Senior Director, truTV.com

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