Yahoo! Studios

“Lunch Hour @ NY Fashion Week”

  • Client Yahoo! Studios
  • Location New York, NY
  • Venue Lincoln Center
  • Deliverables
    • Pre-production site survey and technical fax out
    • Design and build-out of a temporary live production command center at Lincoln Center
    • Procurement of primary and backup paths to Yahoo's New York control room with full IFB and PL interface
    • 2-person ENG crew to shoot Fashion Week packages
    • 3-person ENG crew to shoot daily live shots from Lincoln Center
    • Procurement of all remote video production equipment
    • Procurement of proper clearance and live shot access

Services Provided

Broadcast Management Group was contracted to provide live production services, technical management, and production staffing for Yahoo’s “Lunch Hour @ NY Fashion Week” – a daily live show covering New York Fashion Week. For six consecutive days, our live production team provided daily live shot hits from Lincoln Center as part of Yahoo’s Fashion Week coverage. The one-hour program was anchored and switched from Yahoo’s control room in Manhattan and featured three live hits per hour from our team at Lincoln Center.

Leading up to the “Lunch Hour @ NY Fashion Week” program, our live production team participated in regular production calls with the Yahoo team. We mapped out the goals and objectives of their program and what they were looking to accomplish from a technical perspective. Broadcast Management Group worked directly with the in-house team at Lincoln Center to iron out technical logistics and map out our technical needs. Our live production team also conducted multiple site survey to determine where we would be setting up our technical infrastructure.

New York Fashion Week took place at Lincoln Center in New York. Our live production team setup a small control room inside one of the A/V rooms and pre-cabled to three other locations within Lincoln Center which we used for our various live hits. The biggest challenge with the venue was navigating the various labor restrictions and trying to keep a low profile. Due to the amount of activity taking place inside Lincoln Center, we did not want to intrude or impose on any of the runway shows or events taking place, which caused us to keep our crew and equipment as lean as possible. We also had to make sure to adhere to the venue’s union labor requirements, which meant our crew was only allowed to do certain tasks and access certain areas.

All production crew for “Lunch Hour @ NY Fashion Week” were booked locally in New York. Broadcast Management Group’s CEO and EVP of Production filled the rolls of Executive in Charge of Production and Production Manager.

As part of the technical setup for “Lunch Hour @ NY Fashion Week”, Broadcast Management Group secured and engineered primary and back-up transmission paths to Yahoo’s control room, and supplied all video production equipment. Our live production team designed and assembled a remote communications system tied into Yahoo’s control room location, provided all production labor, and secured three live shot locations throughout the venue. Outside of Lincoln Center, we also had a team shooting daily ENG packages over the six day period, covering various Fashion Week events throughout New York. Events shot during the previous day were edited down into short packages and rolled into the live production.


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