Animal Planet

Animal Planet | “Pet Psychic”

  • Client Animal Planet
  • Location Washington, DC
  • Deliverables
    • Created, wrote, produced, directed and managed the series
    • Full production management services
    • Full creative and technical video production staffing
    • Procurement of the technical studio and remote facilities
    • Procurement of production offices, green room and make-up facilities
    • Coordination of all production travel and bookings

Services Provided

Animal Planet, along with two other producers, contracted BMG’s Todd Mason to develop an entertainment series based upon the talent of well-known animal communicator and activist, Sonya Fitzpatrick, entitled “The Pet Psychic”.

Todd and his team developed a treatment for the weekly one-hour series and compiled a list of interested networks. Their creative team pitched the series to those networks, leading to the production of its pilot episode and, ultimately, the full series.

The series was shot from a studio in Washington, D.C. using three hard cameras, one handheld and a jib. Todd and his team were responsible for every aspect of the show – from series development and pitching to the production of the series. The success of “Pet Psychic” got the attention of several networks, which expressed an interest in the show. It was eventually picked up by Animal Planet, and went on to become a big hit for a network and a long-running series.

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