live video production or television series has a lot of moving parts. Aside from the technical equipment, manpower and logistics, there’s also the crucial element of creative. That can include anything from the creation of show graphics and animations to full-scale, turn-key editorial production and consulting.  In either case, BMG has you covered.

BMG has mastered the art of storytelling that engages audiences and we have a track record of producing high-end, award-winning content for domestic and international clients. We specialize in providing full creative services, from show concept development, creative consulting, graphic design and production, to producing show opens, bumpers, and packages for live music, news and entertainment events. We have a long history of creating original concepts and fully understand that a winning format is what drives success.

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Creativity and technology are at the heart of our work. BMG’s team of award-winning producers understand that knowing your target audience and delivering content in their preferred delivery method is the key to driving the results and engagement. And we’re are all about measurement and results.

BMG’s creative services include:

  • Producing
  • Creative consulting
  • Concept development
  • Graphic design and animation
  • Social media integration and strategy
  • Distribution platform analysis and strategy