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Go live anywhere, any time, with a custom remote production solution. We provide technical and creative services for REMI productions of any size or scale.

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How does it work? Click to download our REMI production technical overview.

What is REMI production? A Remote Integration Model (AKA REMI) is a production workflow that allows live content to be captured from remote locations and managed from a central broadcast hub. If done right, remote video productions provide several benefits: they can lower production costs, decrease travel expenses, and eliminate geographic barriers.

Broadcast Management Group is all-in on remote production. We’ve heavily invested in REMI technology to meet our client’s needs. Our remote production services are backed by a dedicated REMI facility, REMI mobile unit, and custom-built remote production kits. We’ll deploy video and audio capturing devices wherever they need to be and bring those feeds back to our broadcast hub. From there, your content is switched, mixed, recorded, and distributed. With our REMI production solution, your talent, producers, and technical team can be physically located anywhere in the world – remotely monitoring and communicating in real-time.

While initially designed for live sports, any format can adopt a REMI workflow: entertainment programming, live series and specials, experiential events, town halls, corporate events, and conventions. Our REMI production services are robust, reliable, and applicable to projects of any scope or size. Contact us today to discuss your remote production needs.

Key Features

  • HD broadcast hub with full redundancy
  • 30+ incoming transmission paths
  • 14 outbound transmission paths
  • Graphics and playback capabilities
  • Custom video drop kits
  • HD REMI mobile unit for multi-camera productions
  • Virtual set capabilities
  • Remote monitoring and real-time communication


1. We deploy a custom remote production kit or our REMI mobile unit to your location.

2. Our technical team sets up all on-site infrastructure.

3. We test audio, video, lighting, and transmissions.

4. Producers and directors remotely monitor programming online, in real-time.

5. All signals are transmitted to our broadcast hub, where the program is switched, mixed, recorded, and distributed.

6. Strike. All content capturing devices are packaged and returned to BMG.

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