LIVE AT HOME: A Complete REMI Solution

Our Live At Home REMI system allows you to go live from anywhere, any time.

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Broadcast Management Group’s Live At Home REMI solution allows clients to maintain high production values while utilizing a reliable remote production workflow. Hosts, guests, and producers can all remotely contribute to your live program from the safety of their home. Designed to be completely scalable and customizable, our Live At Home REMI solution offers all the tools, features, and functionality of a traditional control room or production truck. When coupled with our creative services — including graphic design, virtual set design, and show format development - Broadcast Management Group can provide a full-scale technical and creative solution for your remote production needs.

Our REMI workflow begins with your contributors - hosts, co-hosts, and guests. With our Live At Home solution, we have developed three at-home camera packages: the Live At Home Basic, Live At Home Pro and Live At Home Pro Plus. Each package includes a lighting kit, green screen, lav mic, IFB, camera, and program return monitor. Higher tiered packages include a teleprompter, upgraded camera, and advanced transmission capabilities.

Key Features

  • Ross Octane Vision video switcher
  • Behringer X32 audio console
  • Ross Xpression 3-channel graphics system
  • Newtek 3-Play playback system
  • AJA KiPro Ultra record decks
  • RTS comms system with Unity Intercom interface
  • AWS Elemental and Wowza live stream encoders
  • EEG captioning encoder
  • 3-tiered at-home camera packages
  • LiveU LU2000 receive servers
  • Newtek Talk Show
  • Dedicated primary and backup fiber circuits
  • Brainstorm virtual set technology
  • Ross Inception rundown system

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Your editorial and creative teams won’t miss out on the control room experience. Producers and directors will receive a multiview output from our master control and full access to our comms system and talent IFBs. This allows your team to remotely monitor, contribute to, and guide the program from start to finish.

Our Live At Home REMI solution is backed by a dedicated master control in Las Vegas, NV. With switching, mixing, graphics, playback, and virtual set integration, our Live At Home REMI control room includes all of the key components necessary to execute your remote production. Redundant fiber connectivity, redundant hardware encoders, and a variety of receive capabilities allow us to ingest, encode, and transmit signals anywhere they need to go.

Our in-house creative team can apply the finishing touches and develop a high quality, polished program. Our team can create and design a graphics treatment, virtual set environment, or pre-produced video assets to supplement and support your production. On top of the creative elements, we can assist in developing the format for your programming and mapping out a full run-of-show. Our Live At Home REMI solution offers flexibility and scalability, meaning we can craft a custom approach to your live remote production.


Live At Home delivers a flexible, scalable, and customizable REMI solution that can meet any programming needs

Hosts, co-hosts, and guests can participate live from anywhere in the world with our Live At Home camera packages

Multiview output and comms capabilities allow producers to monitor, contribute to, and guide live content remotely

A dedicated REMI control room features switching, graphics, playback, and virtual set capability for high production values

A cost-effective remote production solution that enables you to keep your program, town hall, or virtual event online

In-house creative services to bring your content to the next level with a custom graphics treatment or virtual set


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