REMI Mobile Unit

Our state-of-the-art REMI mobile unit was designed to accommodate live, multi-camera productions of any scope or size.

Our custom REMI mobile unit was designed to accommodate live, multi-camera music, sports, and entertainment programming. BMG’s REMI trailer comes standard with 5 Grassvalley LDX 86 broadcast cameras, 3 remotely controlled PTZ cameras, wired and wireless mics, and Glensound MinFerno/3 announcer boxes. The REMI unit features 6 workstations with RTS intercom panels and Multiview displays. Camera and audio feeds from your stadium or venue are transmitted back to our REMI broadcast hub,. From there, your program is switched, mixed, recorded, and distributed.

With Multiview monitoring and a remote comms interface, producers, directors, on-air graphics, transmissions, and playback operators can contribute to the program in real time, anywhere in the world. By utilizing a central broadcast hub and REMI workflow, our production trailer can be deployed anywhere in the country. With a compact footprint and smaller on-site infrastructure, our REMI mobile unit is an ideal solution for remote productions of any kind.

Our REMI mobile unit offers the flexibility and reliability to support your multi-camera production needs.

Key Features

  • 6 workstations with RTS KP32 intercom panels
  • 15 KW 12V/240V generator with automatic cutover
  • Up to 32 outbound video paths via LiveU and TVU
  • Up to 8 return video paths via LiveU and TVU
  • RTS intercom system and Freespeak II wireless beltpacks
  • Shure RF microphones, Sennheiser MD46 talent microphones, and Glensound MinFerno/3 announcer boxes
  • 5 Grass Valley LDX 86 WorldCam cameras with Vinten tripods
  • 3 remotely controlled PTZ cameras
  • Custom interior build-out
  • 6 Workstations with RTS KP32 Intercom panels and Multiview’s
  • 100 Single Phase Power required
  • 15 KW 12V/240V Generator with Automatic Cutover
  • 2 13K BTU Mini-Split Unit Dual A/C – Heating System



  • Up to 32 Video Paths Out, via LiveU and TVU
  • Up to 8 Return Video Paths via LiveU and TVU
  • Encrypted VPN Tunnel


  • RTS Matrixed Intercom System
  • ClearCom FreeSpeak II Wireless Beltpacks
  • Shure RF Microphones
  • Glensound MinFerno/3 Announce Boxes
  • Sennheiser HMD-26MKII Announcer Headset
  • Glensound Vita Mini Standup boxes w/ talkback
  • Sennheiser MD46 Talent Mics
  • Ice Effects Microphones with custom BMG mounts


  • 5 Grass Valley LDX 86 WorldCam Cameras with Vinten Tripods studio and ENG configuration
  • 5 Creative Grading Panels CGP 500
  • 1 Camera Control Server
    • 2 Canon Lens XJ100 x 9.3B
    • 2 Canon Lens HJ11eX4.7B
    • 1 Canon Lens XJ23 X 7
    • 1 Canon Lens HJ17e X7
    • 2 Canon ZSD-300D — Digital Servo Zoom
    • 1 Fujinon Lens ZA 12 X 4.5
  • 3 Fully Remote Controlled REMI PTZ Cameras
  • 2 POV Cameras controlled by BMG Broadcast Operations Center (BOC)
  • All Cameras run via fiber
  • Set Video Monitors with Live Program


1. We deploy our RMU to your local venue.

2. Local technicians setup all camera, audio, and transmission equipment.

3. Signals are transmitted back to our central broadcast hub.

4. From our hub, your program is switched, mixed, recorded, and distributed.

5. Strike and taillights.

6. Repeat.


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