Triode Media Group

Broadcast Consulting

  • Client Triode Media Group
  • Location Lancaster, PA
  • Deliverables
    • Tour the existing facility, review and discuss future plans for the broadcast operations
    • Provide an analysis of local competitors
    • Provide an analysis of target clients
    • Review and discuss potential rental rates and market rates for the planned production services
    • Provide on-going marketing and operational consulting

Services Provided

Triode Media Group contracted Broadcast Management Group to provide broadcast consulting services for the build-out of a production facility in Lancaster, PA. The studio features a 3,700 square foot sound stage, a multi-camera television studio with adjoining control room, virtual set technology, green screen, cyc wall, and audio booth.

Prior to the build-out of Triode’s production facility, they contracted our broadcast consulting team to conduct a site survey of the space and consult on the feasibility of developing a production facility based on the building’s existing infrastructure. Our consulting team looked at the physical space available for the studio, ceiling heights, existing HVAC system, and available power to ensure the building could physically support a full-time production operation.

After receiving our consulting report, Triode moved forward with purchasing the building and completing a complete renovation and technical build-out of their broadcast facility. Once the construction was complete, Triode once again engaged our broadcast consulting team to provide guidance on their marketing and business plans. Triode asked Broadcast Management Group to put together a SWOT analysis, conduct competitor research, develop a list of target clients, and review their marketing collateral. With their production facility in full operation, they wanted our consulting team to ensure they were maximizing their investment.

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