Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc

BVA | Broadcast Consulting

  • Client Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc
  • Location Columbia, MD
  • Deliverables
    • Review of current broadcast operations at the church
    • Evaluation of anticipated future needs of the church
    • Make recommendations and provide guidance on general building infrastructure needed to accommodate the church’s broadcast needs
    • Work directly with the church to develop and equipment budget, engineering and installation budget, and master schedule for completing the build-out and installation of all production equipment
    • Review floorplans and make recommendations on the production facility layout

Services Provided

Broadcast Management Group was contracted by Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc. (BVA) to provide broadcast consulting services for a build-out project with their client, the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The architecture firm contracted BMG to provide overall support and guidance on the design, layout and support infrastructure needed to accommodate the church’s production facilities. This included making recommendations on HVAC systems, electrical requirements – including generators and UPSs, data cabling, server room infrastructure, lighting grid construction, and general production facility layout – including control rooms, edit suites, etc.

In addition, BMG consulted directly with the Seventh Day Adventist Church on their production facility needs and requirements. BMG worked with the church on developing an equipment budget, making recommendations on production equipment, developing a plan, schedule and budget for the engineering, technical design and installation of all equipment, and developing a schedule for completion and installation.

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