Tricaster TC1 Flight Pack

  • Features
    • Tricaster TC1 Max Bundle Including: 8 Camera Inputs, 2 Playback Channels, and 4 Record Channels
    • (3) Black Magic HyperDeck Studio Record Decks
    • Black Magic Teranex Standards Converter
    • Black Magic Audio Monitor
    • 40x40 Smart Videohub Router
    • 43” Monitor, (2) XX” Monitors
  • Specs
    • Cart dimensions: 3’3”W x 4’T x 26.5”D
    • Weight: 800lbs. (approx.)
  • Ideal for
    • Small to Mid-Size Remote Productions
    • Compact Environments


Our Tricaster TC1 flight pack includes all the major components of a control room in 1 custom cart – switching, audio, graphics, playback, record, streaming and routing. With 8 camera inputs available, BMG’s custom Tricaster flight pack is the perfect fit for small to mid-size multi-camera productions.

Broadcast Management Group’s custom built Tricaster TC1 flight pack comes with all the tools needed for executing a multi-camera production. Video switching, record, playback and graphics, the TC1 offers all the firepower of a miniature control room. The Tricaster flight pack is configured neatly in a custom built cart
that can roll (literally) into any production environment.

The TC1 is pre-cabled and routed making setup a plug-and-go process. Our Tricaster flight pack is great for small to mid-size production projects and busy events. We’ve used our TC1 at San Diego Comic-Con, major trade shows and awards shows.

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