Nielsen Study Finds TV Viewers Are Multi-Taskers

Nielsen Study

A new study performed by global information and measurement company, Nielsen, found that mobile devices and tablets are playing an increasing role in television viewing habits. The study states that 46% of smartphone users and 43% of tablet users are using their mobile devices – or “second screens” – while watching TV. But what are they using them for?

Here’s what the Nielsen study suggests:

  • Over 50% of smartphone and tablet users visited a social networking site while watching TV
  • 1/5 of smartphone and tablet users spent time reading social media discussions about the program they were viewing
  • Tablet owners have a higher propensity to interact with the show they’re watching from their device – about 13% interact with the show and 13% post about it
  • Around 15% of tablet users said they watched a program after reading something about it on social media
  • 20% of tablet owners claimed to have used their device to shop for a product that they saw advertised on TV while viewing a program

The new Nielsen study highlights that television viewers are becoming multi-taskers. While watching your program, viewers are also spending time on social media or looking up information on actors and plot-lines. It also shows the importance of having a strong social presence to coincide with your program and it demonstrates how social media can have an impact on gaining new viewers. The study also has advertisers salivating – showing that there is a correlation between viewers seeing a commercial on TV and searching for the product on their tablet or smartphone. They’re also looking for deals and coupons on the products they see in commercials. This means that content producers, broadcasters and advertisers have to adapt to these changes in viewer habits.

Are you getting through to your audience? And are you reaching them on the right platform?

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