Video/Transmissions Engineer

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Video/Transmissions Engineer

Job Summary:

Broadcast Management Group (BMG) is looking for a freelance Video/Transmissions for the launch and development of a new OTT network. This position will report to the network's Executive Producer for instruction and guidance on the daily tasks required. The Video Engineer will be responsible for managing, overseeing, maintaining and troubleshooting all broadcast equipment within the production facility. During live and live-to-tape studio productions, the Video Engineer will operate and paint robotic cameras and oversee live transmissions (if applicable) to ensure a clean feed is being sent out. This position will assist in planned system upgrades and equipment maintenance and consult on future technical expansion. The video engineer will be the primary contact for all technical equipment within the production environment and will help to create and implement technical standards for the production facility. This position will be required 1-day per week and as-needed to fill in for the full-time Engineer.


Primary responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Oversee all technical operations within the production environment and ensure all equipment is running correctly
  • Operate and paint robotic cameras during live and live-to-tape studio segments
  • Manage and monitor all live transmissions
  • Troubleshoot technical issues as needed
  • Develop technical standards for the production facility
  • Assist with planned system upgrades and expansion
  • Perform equipment maintenance as needed, ensuring to work outside of planned programming timeslots


  • Must have strong technical knowledge of live production environments
  • Experience building production facilities from scratch
  • Must have extensive broadcast engineering experience
  • Must have extensive experience managing transmissions for live news programming
  • Must have strong knowledge of transmissions, web streaming and IP systems
  • Must have experience operating robotic camera systems
  • 5+ years of relevant experience


  • Experience with network launches
  • Experience working in the financial services industry or producing finance-related content
  • Knowledge of investing and trading stocks
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