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Broadcast Management Group

When we prepared to move into a new building, the Broadcast Management Group worked with us to design a complete audio visual system for our offices, including cameras and lighting for broadcasting events in our conference room, a fully equipped studio to conduct remote television interviews, and a user-friendly control room to manage our new audio-visual capabilities. During construction, BMG coordinated with our general contractor to ensure a smooth design of the conference room and studio and installation of the equipment. Once we moved into the space, they effectively trained our non-technical staff so that they can now film and livestream events with multiple cameras and connect to news studios to facilitate interviews. BMG also researched and installed a video conferencing system in our conference rooms. Throughout the process, BMG took the time to understand our needs, work within our budget, adapt to changes that needed to be made, and create a user-friendly system for our staff to use. In the end, they delivered a product that more than met our expectations and created for us powerful new AV capabilities that we use regularly.

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