Whether you run a government agency, non-profit, corporation or broadcast network, there may be times when you need the guidance of an expert to help you leverage the power of video production, digital media and distribution. Our broadcast consulting services will help match the best production technology to your requirements and maximize all aspects of your content development, production and distribution needs. We will consult with you regarding staffing and labor resources, review and streamline organizational workflow and provide guidance on video production resources and tools to optimize efficiency. You can also tap into our expertise in broadcast facility design and build-out, using BMG as your general contractor for the duration of the project. You will gain the satisfaction of knowing you are working with a team that has helped design, construct and manage state-of-the-art video production studios and broadcast facilities for major networks and government agencies all over the world.

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Our team stands ready to handle all your needs, from designing studio layouts and procuring equipment to negotiating real estate leases and managing installs. You can also take advantage of our outsourcing services, which include staffing, management and operations of your live production. Our creativity, along with our deep understanding of both the technology and the business side of video production make us a valuable broadcast consulting partner.

BMG’s broadcast consulting services include:

  • Recommendations on broadcast technology
  • Organizational workflow and labor resources
  • Construction and management of broadcast facilities
  • Studio and broadcast facility design
  • Broadcast technology procurement
  • Broadcast engineering, design and installations
  • Staffing, management and operations of broadcast operations
  • Video production and distribution

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