Broadcast Consulting

Operations, Content, OTT Networks Facility Design/Build & Integration

Our team has provided broadcast consulting services for organizations around the globe – from New York City to Karachi, Pakistan. We’ve helped to launch OTT networks from the ground up and build state-of-the art production facilities.

BMG has built an impressive track record in content development and production, using broadcast facilities in a multitude of environments. We will help you optimize the process of planning and operations and build fixed and mobile broadcast facilities to launch your linear and digital (OTT) channels.

We’ll start by matching the best technology to your production needs. Then, we’ll maximize all aspects of content development, production and distribution, always staying within budget.

We’ll also serve as your advisor on production staffing and labor resources and help streamline your organizational work-flow. Finally, we’ll provide guidance on video production resources and tools to optimize efficiency.

BMG helps design, construct and manage state-of-the-art production studios and mobile broadcast facilities for major networks, corporations, associations and government agencies all over the world. We've launched OTT networks from the ground up with limited lead time.

And, we’re the “go to” resource for government agencies seeking to upgrade their production facilities to facilitate digital media production.

Our creativity, along with our deep understanding of both the technology and business side of video production, makes us a valuable broadcast consulting partner. We’re here to provide you with a complete 360-degree view of your needs, from budget, technology, staffing and operations to full distribution.

BMG’s broadcast consulting services include:


  • OTT Consulting and Development
  • Network Strategy and Operations
  • Capital and Operational Budgeting
  • Operation Development and Evaluation
  • OTT Website and APP Development
  • Transmissions
  • Distribution
  • Project Management


  • System Design
  • Facility Design
  • Engineering Maintenance
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Training
  • Installation
  • Relation

Consulting Team

Dave Weiler
Dave Weiler
Head of Global Consulting Services

Senior Vice President – Consulting

Dave is part of Broadcast Management Group’s senior management team and leads its domestic and international broadcast consulting practice based in New York City. Dave is responsible for all aspects of BMG’s consulting practice, building client relationships and overseeing the company’s global consulting projects. As a nine-time Emmy winner, he knows what it takes to create award-winning teams. Prior to joining BMG, Dave was the founder of Media Edge Consultants...

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Todd Mason
CEO and Executive In Charge of Production
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Joe Rivera standing next to a lake.
Joe Rivera
Director - New Ventures
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Driss Sekkat
Driss Sekkat
SVP - Creative Development & International Productions
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David Roman
David Roman
Director / TD
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Fran Mires
VP - Creative Development | U.S. Hispanic Market/Latin America
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Sean Wybourn
Sean Wybourn
Lead Engineer
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Heidi Schultz
Heidi Schultz
Talent Booker
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Phillip Tucker
Phillip Tucker
Graphic Designer
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Roberto Rios
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Dave Pitcher
Post Production Supervisor
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Michael Frushour
Junior Engineer
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Quentin Guillet
Production Engineer
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Naz Stobe-Kirst
Production Engineer
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Megan Kirst
Vice President of Engineering
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Clients Served

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Case Studies

“Throughout the process, BMG took the time to understand our needs, work within our budget, adapt to changes that needed to be made, and create a user-friendly system for our staff to use.”

Bill McCarthy | Senior Vice President, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

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