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United States House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack on the US Capitol

2022 Televised Hearings (2 Prime-time and 7 Daytime)

Live Production
Client United States House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack on the US Capitol
Location Washington, DC
Venue Cannon House Building
Year 2022

Services Provided

BMG provided producing and directorial services to the United States House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack on the US Capitol public hearings. This included all the technical services to produce the nine live broadcasts, which aired on all the major United States networks. The BMG team included producer Driss Sekkat, broadcast director Todd Mason and two Producers/Assistant directors, Justin O’Neil and Bryan Sasser worked with the Select Committee under the direction of James Goldston, executive producer to produce and execute the live broadcast that would tell a complicated story in a way that would be understandable to the broadcast audience. The cumulative Nielsen ratings of the eight broadcasted hearings exceeded 123 million viewers.

  • Produce content supporting nine live broadcast hearings on all major US networks
  • Provide Broadcast Director, Line Producer and two Assistant Director to execute the 9, 2–3-hour broadcast
  • Provide complete technical staffing and production management
  • Provide all technical infrastructure to support the live broadcast
  • Provide the remote live shot capability for the Committee Chairman for one hearing from BMG’s Washington, DC office
  • BMG’s proprietary REMI workflow of centralized technology and decentralized production teams
Project Overview

BMG was contacted by former ABC News President, James Goldston, to join his team working with the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack to produce multiple public hearings to be broadcasted live on the major US networks. BMG provided senior producer/line producer Driss Sakat, Broadcast Director Todd Mason, along with Assistant Director Brian Sasser as part of Goldston’s producing team. BMG provided all technical staff that included, Technical Director, Prompter, Playback, Xpression Graphics, A-1 and engineering staff and all of the technical infrastructure including backup systems. On site at the Cannon House Office Building (hearings location), BMG had its Senior Producer/Line producer, Director and ADs for tape and graphics. Here are the locations for the other technical staff members:

Chicago: Expressions Graphic Operator
New York City: A-1
Las Vegas Broadcast Operations Center: Technical Director, Playback, Prompting and Engineer in Charge

The network pool provided 7 broadcast cameras in the Washington, DC hearing room that each pool member network then received at their individual control rooms. These were, for the most part, located in New York. BMG provided the “Multimedia Feed” which was all of the supporting content which included video playback and graphics. BMG utilized 4 channels of its Tria playback system and 4 channels of Xpression. BMG’s Director had on his RTS panel a key with all of the network directors and producers so they could hear him call all of the elements supporting the hearings. Each network would cut their own version of their broadcast. All of the pool member networks could talk back with the BMG Director while the non-pool member media could listen only. BMG had a stage manager with the Committee members and in the witness room who the Director would que when participants should enter the hearing room at the start of the broadcast and after the recess. BMG’s Director provided all of the coordination with all pool member networks related to each broadcast.

Decentralized Production Teams
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