TD Ameritrade

Your First Trade

  • Client TD Ameritrade
  • Location Chicago, IL
  • Deliverables
    • Format: 45-minute live studio show
    • Show Time: Monday-Friday, 12-12:45pm ET
    • Target: Beginner and casual traders

Services Provided

Our creative services team was contracted by TD Ameritrade to develop a daily educational show for their financial OTT network. Our team created “Your First Trade”, expanding on the previous launch of “Virtual Trade”. On “Your First Trade”, TD Ameritrade’s Director of Trader Education, Scott Connor, walks beginner investors through trading strategies, using live market data for realistic demonstrations. The 45-minute program combines lessons on introductory trading principles, technical analysis, and demonstrates example trades with live market data.

TD Ameritrade Network contributor Michael Kealy teaches beginner investors the principles of informed investing and how they are crucial to both novice and experienced traders. The Chart Master – Ben Watson – provides an introductory demonstration of how technical analysis informs investors before placing a trade. Scott Connor and “Your First Trade” contributor Maria Schrater take the knowledge viewers have learned earlier in the episode and apply it to their strategy in an example trade on the thinkorswim trading platform.

“Your First Trade” is the network’s first-ever live use of a virtual set, with the production being shot completely on a green screen. BMG’s design team created a completely virtual set, including 4 different stages that the show can move between seamlessly. Daily production involves the production team physically changing the previous show set into a green screen set in just minutes, including the technical tests required for the virtual set.

The show’s content originates with TD Ameritrade’s expert education team, with a BMG show producer creating the shows scripts, graphics, and video content. The production/control room team includes a TD/Director, an operator running the Brainstorm InfinitySet 3D program, a Robocam operator, video operator, graphics operator, and A1. Additionally, there are engineers coordinating the green screen operation and an A2 to ensure the quality of remote guest shots.


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