TD Ameritrade

Virtual Trade

  • Client TD Ameritrade
  • Location Chicago, IL
  • Deliverables
    • Format: 30 minute financial education program
    • Show times: Monday – Thursday, 8:30p-10p ET; Friday 9p-10p ET; Saturday – Sunday, 12p-2p ET, 8:30p-10p ET
    • Target Audience: New investors that want to learn the basic concepts of investing, trading, and markets

Services Provided

Our creative services division was contracted by TD Ameritrade to develop an investor educational show for their OTT network. To make this program stand out from others on the network, our team developed “Virtual Trade”. Using virtual set technology, our internal design team built a virtual set from scratch. This gave us the ability to add a completely new look to the show, while shooting in the same studio as all other shows on the network.

“Virtual Trade” is hosted by TD Ameritrade’s Director of Trader Education, Scott Connor. The BMG team identified members of the client’s award-winning education team to work in tandem with the show producer on content creation for “Virtual Trade”. We formatted the show from a logical perspective of starting with a very basic introduction to a topic, then taking it into the demonstration phase using TD Ameritrade’s trading platform, thinkorswim.

The show concludes with an on-set lesson with Scott teaching a “student” and ties the concept of each episode together. To accomplish this, we identified a member of the network team who had no investing experience to serve as the “student” so viewers could watch Scott’s lessons and follow their progress every episode. “Virtual Trade” serves as an example of how our creative services team was able to satisfy the client’s desire to have purely educational programming offerings on the network.

To execute the production on “Virtual Trade”, we have a producer, director/TD, virtual set operator, graphics operator, camera operator, A1, A2, and prompter operator. This show was also pre-taped for air, so we have an assigned editor to put the show together in post-production. This was the first show incorporating a virtual set that BMG created for the TD Ameritrade Network. After launching our first, we expanded on this process and technology with a live, daily virtual set show called “Your First Trade”.


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