TD Ameritrade

Mid-Day Movers

  • Client TD Ameritrade
  • Location Chicago, IL
  • Deliverables
    • Format: 30 minute daily live studio show
    • Show times: Monday – Friday, 2:30p–3p ET
    • Target Audience: Traders and investors looking for a highlight show of the top moving stocks of the day

Services Provided

Our creative services team was contracted by the TD Ameritrade Network to launch a mid-day program for their financial OTT network. The BMG team developed “Mid-Day Movers” with host Ben Lichtenstein – a fast-paced 30-minute show covering the top moving stocks of the day. Traders and investors that don’t have a close eye at all times on the market can tune in to “Mid-Day Movers” and see the important headline stocks and themes that are moving, with insight into why.

The show is comprised of 2 fast-moving segments that include a big daily mover to both the upside and downside, Ben’s chart of the day, and our special Chart Master segment, using one of TD Ameritrade’s top technical analysts using a touch screen at a remote location. Everything is run through TD Ameritrade’s platform, thinkorswim. The show was created and formatted to give the network a solid lead-in to one of the flagship programs, “Market On Close”.

On the content side, the show producer works with the host to construct the rundown, and the show producer builds all the graphics for the show, plus runs charts on the thinkorswim platform live from the control room. Filling out the production is a director/TD, Robocam operator, tape operator, teleprompter operator, graphics operator, and A1. Even further behind the scenes are engineers and an A2, who takes care of pulling up and testing the remote guests during the show.


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