Flywheel | Sports Cycling OTT Network Launch

Flywheel | Sports Cycling OTT Network Launch

  • Client Flywheel | Sports Cycling OTT Network Launch
  • Deliverables
    • Consultation on workflows, mindful of the legal and compliance constraints of a regulated business
    • On-air talent development
    • Technical facility design and construction consultation
    • Project management
    • Long-term staffing (technical staff)
    • Content development and show format (6 hours live daily programming)

Services Provided

Flywheel Sports desired to expand beyond their brick and mortar business of spinning studios located all across the nation, already a highly successful business, and compete in the at-home marketplace by launching their own custom-made bike for at-home use and initiating a streaming service for the at-home audience to view classes live or on-demand.

Our consulting team was brought in to assist with project management of the technical build-out of the studio and control room. We also assisted in the development of show formats, creative re-branding of the studio, project staffing and creation of a production schedule based on staffing budgets.

In our initial meeting our goal was to understand what Flywheel’s overall vision was for the project. We believe it is critical to spend the time to fully understand the project in order to focus our services. This listening session is where we are able to identify where there were gaps in the current plan and identify additional items, such as additional technology needs, along with personnel and workflow challenges.

After further discussions with key team members and the technical integrator, subtle changes were made to the technology workflow that would better fit the desired show execution parameters. This included identifying better ways to do post-production to recorded shows which needed adjustment. Camera tests were done for ideal placement and lens capabilities. It was key to capture the essence of the studio ride experience for the home rider which required capturing key moments a certain way for the home rider to be fully immersed in the class. In our technical analysis we also helped connect the dots between the utilization of off the shelf broadcast technology and Flywheel proprietary custom applications designed for capturing rider data, displaying graphical data for the home rider and tracking music ques. Combining these technologies was key in servicing the home rider with key performance data while engaging them in an inspiring ride. We supported the process of music selection with insight into legal and compliance issues associated with the use of commercial music.

As part of our project scope we also assisted with the staffing and training process for both talent and technical staff. For the technical staff we developed job descriptions and our team participated in the interview process and made hiring recommendations. Our goal with the talent was to work with them to get them comfortable being on-camera and to understand the technology and how they looked to the home rider. The goal was to replicate the impact the talent had interacting with in-studio riders with the at-home-rider.

Finally, to better match the new company branding parameters, changes were needed to the original scenic and lighting plan. We assisted with various lighting tests and worked with Flywheel creative team to define scenic elements to add to the studio ambiance. Listening to the client and understanding what story they want to tell is key to a successful presentation and ultimately a successful project.

Overall Flywheel Sports has had great success adding the at-home marketplace to their portfolio of services. The consulting team was proud to be a part of such a fun and challenging project.

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