MTV | “Be Heard”

  • Client MTV
  • Location Washington, DC / New York, NY
  • Deliverables
    • Full production management services
    • Procurement of a studio facility in Washington, D.C.
    • Procurement of 6 translation booths and audio interconnectivity
    • Design and build-out of a complex audio structure
    • Communication between 7 control rooms
    • Transmission interconnectivity between the 7 studios to be controlled in Washington, DC
    • Editing facilities and live-to-air transmissions the same day

Services Provided

MTV contracted BMG’s Todd Mason to provide full video production services for an international forum, featuring former US Secretary of State, Colin Powell. The 60-minute program, Be Heard, was recorded live-to-tape with live translations in over six languages. The show included participants from the U.S., India, Italy, England, Ireland, Brazil, Russia and the Middle East. All had an opportunity to ask Secretary Powell questions about the War on Terror and other current world issues and events.

Prior to the forum, MTV News’ John Norris and Gideon Yago hosted a pre-show segment with Secretary Powell in front of a live audience in a Washington, D.C. studio. International studio audiences gathered at respective MTV locations around the world as their local MTV News correspondents engaged in a Q&A with Secretary of State Powell via satellite.

Todd and his team handled all the technical and management services for both the pre-show and show productions.

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