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Morning Trade Live

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  • Client TD Ameritrade
  • Location Chicago, IL
  • Deliverables
    • Format: 2-hour daily live studio show
    • Show times: Monday-Friday, 9am-11am E
    • Target Audience: Sophisticated day traders and investors looking for up to the minute analysis on the market

Services Provided

Our creative services division was contracted by TD Ameritrade to develop a daily morning show for their OTT network covering the biggest financial stories, market moves and insights. Our creative team developed Morning Trade Live, a show dedicated to making sense of the day’s headlines and covering what investors need to know as the market day kicks off. The show is hosted by Oliver Renick. He is joined by some of the top trading minds at TD Ameritrade, including Chief Market Strategist, JJ Kinahan, and a wide range of contributors from inside and outside the firm.

The objective of the show is to make sure viewers come away with a better understanding of not only markets as a whole, but how the day’s news is impacting their current and future investment choices. This is done through the lens of TD Ameritrade’s trading platform, thinkorswim. Our creative services team developed the show format after getting some insight into what TDA customers want. With the goal of reaching both TDA and non-TDA customers as viewers, Broadcast Management Group began to decide how to best capture viewers’ attention through both the show format and high-quality production.

We identified the strengths of the available talent and contributors to maximize the success of each segment. From there, we brainstormed ideas for branded segments, such as Inside/Out, Market Meet Up, Market Preview/Market Update, Morning Trade Up Close. While developing the show, we used our in-house graphics team to build out all of the animations and broadcast graphics package, giving us 100% control over the look.

On the content side, the show is a heavy team effort. In addition to a show producer, BMG has writers acting as segment producers while editors and producers for other shows contribute to the workflow by building segments for Morning Trade Live. On the production/control room side, there is a director/TD, Steadicam operator, Robocam operator, tape operator, graphics operator and A1. Even further behind the scenes are the engineers and an A2, who takes care of pulling up and testing the remote guests during the show. We also have a writer in the control room running charts on the thinkorswim platform that are taken live to air.

Morning Trade Live is one of several programs that our creative services team has developed for the TDA, but serves as a flagship program for the TD Ameritrade Network


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