Mixed Martial Arts Championship

MMAC | “Mixed Martial Arts Championship”

  • Client Mixed Martial Arts Championship
  • Location Washington, DC
  • Venue DC Armory
  • Deliverables
    • Full pre-production, site surveys, broadcast consulting and logistics, including working to get MMA sanctioned in the District of Columbia
    • Full marketing for the event, including creating the fan experience
    • Securing of a venue and designed all sets
    • Securing of the on-air talent and all video production staff
    • Procurement of all technical video production equipment
    • Production of live and post-show content
    • Negotiation of network distribution deals
    • Creation of the original music, show graphics, post production and network distribution agreements

Services Provided

MMAC contracted BMG to produce a full-scale mixed martial arts (MMA) event and live video production, entitled “Mixed Martial Arts Championship.” The event was shot at the Armory in Washington, DC and was the first MMA event ever to take place in the nation’s capital. There was considerable controversy surrounding MMA at the time of the event and BMG had to work to get MMA sanctioned in Washington, DC before the live production could even take place.

Once proper permissions were procured, BMG took charge of all aspects of the live event and video production. This included booking the venue, securing the video production crews, and coordinating travel and lodging for the fighters. BMG also handled all marketing activities for the event, including advertising, promotion and creating an effective fan experience. BMG was able to use the footage from this single live event to develop a two-hour show, two one-hour shows and a full DVD package, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the fighters.

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