ICFJ | Broadcast Consulting

ICFJ | Broadcast Consulting

  • Client ICFJ | Broadcast Consulting
  • Location Karachi, Pakistan
  • Venue Center for Excellence in Journalism
  • Deliverables
    • Review, analysis and feedback on the infrastructure plans, architectural drawings, electrical plans and diagrams developed by the local contractor in Pakistan
    • Review, analysis and feedback on the list of items purchased by ICFJ and their feasibility for the CEJ project build-out
    • Review, analysis and feedback on the planned equipment purchases by ICFJ
    • Provided recommendations on equipment re-sellers for the remaining equipment needed for completion of the project
    • Developed an equipment list and projected pricing to be sent out as a RFP to vendors
    • Reviewed equipment bids
    • Traveled to the Middle East for in-person site visits, discussions and detailed review of completed work and to meet with other project contractors and stakeholders

Services Provided

In September 2015, Broadcast Management Group was contracted by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) to provide broadcast consulting services for the technical build-out of a journalism school in Karachi, Pakistan – the Center for Excellence in Journalism. BMG served as an advisor to ICFJ by reviewing, analyzing and making recommendations on all infrastructure, architectural and electrical plans developed by ICFJ’s contractor in Pakistan.

As part of our contracted services, BMG provided feedback on the feasibility and completeness of the plans as well as a thorough review of all equipment lists to determine whether they were sufficient in achieving ICFJ’s goals of establishing a broadcast newsroom training facility. BMG traveled to Karachi, Pakistan for a 3-day trip to meet with the contractors and on-site contacts responsible for the build-out of the facility. During the trip, BMG identified potential construction issues and made recommendations on improvements to the current design plans which will have a lasting impact on the success of the school.

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