Triode Media Group

Yahoo! Studios | “Lunch Hour @ NY Fashion Week”

  • Client Triode Media Group
  • Location Lancaster, PA
  • Venue Center for Excellence in Journalism
  • Deliverables
    • Tour the existing facility, review and discuss future plans for the broadcast operations
    • Provide an analysis of local competitors
    • Provide an analysis of target clients
    • Review and discuss potential rental rates and market rates for the planned production services
    • Provide on-going marketing and operational consulting
    • Reviewed equipment bids
    • Traveled to the Middle East for in-person site visits, discussions and detailed review of completed work and to meet with other project contractors and stakeholders

Services Provided

Yahoo! Studios contracted BMG to provide live production services for a video production at Lincoln Center in New York. For six consecutive days, BMG provided daily live shot hits from Lincoln Center for Yahoo’s live production coverage of New York Fashion Week. The one-hour program, “Lunch Hour @ NY Fashion Week”, was anchored and switched from Yahoo’s control room in Manhattan and featured three live hits during each show.

BMG secured and engineered primary and back-up transmission paths, and supplied all video production equipment. BMG designed and assembled a remote communications system tied into Yahoo’s control room location, provided all production labor and secured three live shot locations throughout the venue. The team shot daily ENG packages over the six day period, covering various Fashion Week events throughout New York. Events shot during the previous day were edited down into short packages and rolled into the live production.

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