Broadcast Management Group was engaged by Hilton Corporation to build a studio, control room and edit facilities at their corporate […]

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Engineering Design and Integration

Broadcast Management Group was engaged by Hilton Corporation to build a studio, control room and edit facilities at their corporate offices in McLean, Virginia. BMG was first recruited to consult with Hilton on the project’s scope and feasibility. After reviewing the consulting results and determining a positive ROI on new capital investment, Hilton contracted BMG for the facility build-out.

Broadcast Management Group’s system integration team then took over and began the process of building a studio, control room, three edit rooms, rack room, and shop area. The BMG team first reviewed the consulting documentation to fully understand the goals of the client. Knowing what kind of content will be created, staffing parameters and creative ambition are driving factors for determining workflow and technology needs. The engineering team could then begin to layout out a functional workflow which would help drive technology decisions.

Broadcast Management Group’s system integration team has an extensive background in identifying the technology needed to support the staffing and creative demands of our clients. In this scenario, we needed a workflow that allowed one person to handle all production operations in the control room and studio. Use of automation, devices that can handle multiple tasks, ease of use, were all things strongly considered when choosing the technology.

By leveraging BMG’s extensive vendor relationships, we were able to secure optimal pricing for technology ideal for this project. Items purchased for this project included edit devices, routers, monitors, intercom, video switching, lighting equipment, cameras, teleprompter and audio processing.

With technology and workflow decisions made, our system integration team worked with Hilton, who was combining this new studio operation with business office space as part of a re-build of an existing office floor. We designed the space to fit seamlessly into their environment. As part of our services we also worked with their General Contractor and sub-contracting vendors to support the permitting process. Our team supplied detailed design drawings and technical information such as heat and electrical load. Once the project was underway, BMG’s team participated in the weekly General Contractor meeting to make sure the project stayed on schedule and within budget.

The final step in this build-out is to install, connect, commission and train staff. We take care of running all cabling, the building of racks, hanging of monitors, installing of equipment and hanging, aiming and configuring lighting cues. We then test, commission and train operators before releasing the facility into a go-live operation. At the end of the project, our team will supply a complete as-built design drawing package for future reference.

Throughout the project, Broadcast Management Group provided project management services, assigning a point person for the client and General and Sub Contractor interaction.

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  • ClientHilton
  • LocationMcLean, Virginia
  • Deliverables Engineering design for Control room, studio, 3 edit rooms and technical core Construction management/consulting related to the technical needs of buildout Procurement of all equipment Lighting Design, equipment and installation Set design, construction and installation Staff training
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