ESPN | “Around the Horn”

  • Client ESPN
  • Location Washington, DC
  • Deliverables
    • Design and build-out of studio, control room, edit and transmission facilities in Washington, DC
    • Design and build-out of remote studio facilities in Chicago, Denver, Boston, Los Angeles and New York
    • Build-out of fiber connectivity between all locations
    • Development of the show’s audio and video sound effects, including a “scoring” theme to support the program’s “game show” format
    • Management of all technical video production crews
    • Daily production management
    • Procurement of green rooms, dressing rooms and news room space for the creative staff

Services Provided

ESPN contracted BMG’s Todd Mason to help develop the popular sports series, “Around The Horn”. Todd was brought in during the series development phase to help brainstorm the show format and develop a technical plan, along with a budget for producing the show. The challenge was to identify ways to leverage technology to meet the producer’s creative vision in a cost effective manner.

To meet the challenge, Todd and his team built out a studio in Washington, D.C. as well as the necessary remote studios. The 30-minute daily series, anchored from the studio in Washington, D.C., was shot live-to-tape with two hard cameras and one jib. The program featured a host and three remote reporters from studios around the country. After editing, the show was fed via fiber to ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut.

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