Epson | Creative Design for “Swimming in Ink”

  • Client Epson
  • Location New York, NY
  • Venue Times Square
  • Deliverables
    • Design and integration of all graphics for the live webcast, including lower thirds, bumpers and bugs
    • Creation and integration of graphics, video elements and animations for display on 3 independent video billboards in Times Square
    • Management of all videos, graphics and animations for Times Square billboards, including unique file formats and delivery guidelines for each independent video billboard
    • Design of the technical plan for feeding each billboard

Services Provided

As part of our 8-hour live stream for Epson’s “Swimming in Ink” product launch event in Times Square, BMG was asked to develop the creative design elements for the show. This included creating (and integrating) all the production graphics in addition to creating and designing original content for 3 video billboards in Times Square. Each of the 3 video billboards were managed by independent companies, which meant each billboard had its own specific file format and delivery specs to adhere to. Additionally, one of the billboards was comprised of 11 different screens of various sizes, which meant we had to design 11 assets of various sizes to fill the entire billboard. BMG engineered the technical plan that allowed us to feed each of the 3 video boards throughout the day, which greatly enhanced the viewing experience for attendees of the event.

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