Lift Off, The Fair of the Aeronauts

  • Client Amazon
  • Location Pasadena, CA
  • Venue The Rose Bowl
  • Deliverables
    • Complete event management services
    • Site survey
    • Tent installation
    • Full event lighting and rigging for the event, including interior and exterior lighting
    • Front-of-house audio system
    • Heating infrastructure
    • Seating
    • Event management and staffing
    • Redundant power and power distribution for the entire event
    • Support infrastructure for load-in and strike, including, transportation, golf carts, forklift
    • Stanchions and pipe and drape for VIP and back-of-house areas

Services Provided

Los Angeles based experiential agency, Fly Helo, contracted Broadcast Management Group’s event management division to support LIFT OFF, THE FAIR OF THE AERONAUTS – a 3-day experiential event to support the release of Amazon’s original movie, “The Aeronauts”. To kick off The Aeronauts event, our event management team helped bring to life a Fair experience which captured the attention of over 3,000 attendees with incredible sights, experiences, and world’s first Fly-In Balloon Theatre.

Leading up to the live event, our event management team participated in regular calls with the client and multiple domestic and international partners to ensure the event planning process was on track. There were multiple changes to the scope of work and scheduling, which required regular changes to our internal scheduling, logistics, and additional coordination with our production partners. Our events team had to pay close attention to technical revisions, especially as the footprint of the event grew, which impacted our generator requirements, tenting, lighting, front of house audio needs, seating, and crowd control.

Fly Helo chose Area H at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California for the LIFT OFF, THE FAIR OF THE AERONAUTS event – a 19-acre green field with mountain views large enough to accommodate rides on the Mammoth Balloon and the Fly-In Theatre’s FlexLyte Balloon. Our event management team was tasked with converting this open space into a safe environment to entertain guests. Working with the Fly Helo team, our events team transformed the venue, installing fair tents, fencing and crowd control barricades, and we brought the DJ area to life with audio capabilities compatible with the old-fashioned equipment provided by the set designer to keep the event on theme. Prior to the activation, some challenges need to be addressed, specifically, power, lighting, audio, and heating an open field to keep moviegoers warm once the sunset.

Our event management team help to install 8 tents, set up fencing, stanchions, and barricades for crowd control, as well as bleachers for the Fly-In Theater. BMG also provided all interior and exterior lighting design and equipment for the event, including 8 exterior LED scoop lights, exterior lanterns and street lights to keep the event true to the theme, and old-fashioned suspended lights and table lamps inside the tents. In addition, we provided all FOH audio infrastructure to support live announcements and music for the event, redundant power and power distribution for the event, including converting power from UK to US in order for the FlexLyte balloon to take flight, heavy equipment, and infrastructure to support load-in and strike.

Broadcast Management Group had event managers on-site to coordinate logistics for the duration of the event including set up and strike.


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