Mark Stasiowski

On-Air Graphics Operator

Mark began his television career in Pittsburgh in horse racing. After operating cameras, tape machines and the in-house closed circuit system, he decided to concentrate on graphics. Soon he began freelancing for companies in Pittsburgh and various other cities.

In 1998, Mark moved to Chicago and continued to freelance for mostly sporting events such as live high school, college and professional sports as well as corporate events. In 2004 he was hired to help with the startup of Comcast SportsNet Chicago, operating graphics for Pre and Postgame shows for all the major Chicago sports teams as well as nightly news shows. After 9+ years he made a move to help start up 120 Sports, a digital and OTT network.

At BMG Mark is an on-air graphics operator operating Expression working on a number of daily live broadcast shows. Although not working in sports anymore, Mark will never lose his passion and love for sports – especially for the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates.

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