John McDonald

John McDonald Studio Manager

Starting at the age of nine, John began working with audiovisual equipment in his elementary school library. Read Bio

Starting at the age of nine, John began working with audiovisual equipment in his elementary school library. This early experience lead to an even more serious foray into electronics, photography, and videography in junior high and high school.

A reunion lunch with an old friend led to a chance encounter at his father’s small production company where they tried to create some dinosaur sound effects for a show they were working on for Kodak. With little luck in their studio, he decided to create some in his home rock garage band studio. It worked so well, an apprenticeship was offered. Within a year and a half, he became the studio manager and never looked back!

Since then, John continued increasing his skills with a wide and varied array of positions at a company in DC called Atlantic Video. Originally hired for camera and grip work, in his 18 years there, he stepped up to add lighting, staging, set building, and A2 to his skillset early on. The list of projects is vast including many DC specials of shows like Politically Incorrect and Larry King Live.

8 years later, he took over production management and was critically important to the success of the largest live production in history, the Y2K Millennium Celebration, spanning the globe and hosted by Gwen Ifill in Atlantic’s main studio. 28 hours live on the air was quite a feat!

The next chapter was the start of a show for ESPN, Pardon the Interruption, which quickly became their top-rated show. That success was followed the next year but a second show for them, Around the Horn, which also was a huge hit and still is today.

Next, John moved on to an 8 and a half year run at the National Geographic Society as Technical Director for the amazing NGLive lecture series. 4 years in, john added responsibilities again as Manager of the 400 seat Gilbert H. Grosvenor Auditorium overseeing all live production.

Today starts his next chapter, at Broadcast Management Group, which is sure to be an exciting challenge! At Broadcast Management Group, John is the Studio Manager for a client owned Live Studio and editorial facility built by BMG. John will run the day to day operations, including directing any live programming, interfacing with the internal clients who will want to utilize their new capabilities. John will handle the scheduling, as well as having hands on management on all productions and help internal clients understand what is possible to help meet their expectations.

This lifelong passion for all things production also includes a love of photography, musical instruments and his awesome wife and two children as well as his dog Louie.

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