Gerard Cana

Gerard Cana Production Engineer

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Gerard studied Film at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Due to his technical talents, he gravitated towards a focus in Cinematography. He loves to learn all about cameras, lights, and anything related to production technology. In his spare time, he loves to make travel videos. In 2018, out of 6,000 contestants he reached the Top 50 in a video contest to win an all expense paid trip to live in Cancun for a year.

He started his career in live production after joining the Hyper X Esports Arena, where he could combine his love for two of his interests – Production and Video Games. He eventually worked his way up from Production Assistant to Broadcast Engineer to Technical Operations Manager after working many projects at the arena including: Riot Games All Stars, Capcom Pro Tour, Twitch Prime Crown Cup, Bandai Namco Dragon Ball Legends Showdown, NHL gaming World Championship, NBA 2K League’s The Turn, World Poker Tour, and Big Buck World Championship. After being forced out of their facility due to the quarantine, Gerard gained public recognition along with 4 of his colleagues after they decided to move the ENTIRE production workflow into a 3-bedroom house. For over 10 weeks, this team managed to create and support a remote workflow to support 50+ broadcasts.

The whole experience sparked an interest in the future of remote workflows within the production industry. So naturally, he became deeply interested in BMG’s Remi Workflow. With his skills, he hopes to support the company and learn all there is about the future of remote production. He believes the future is remote production and that BMG is at the forefront of it.

Outside of work, Gerard is a self-proclaimed nerd and loves movies, TV, anime, video games, photography, and traveling. He is also an avid foodie and loves to cook and eat out with his friends. He’s working to combine all his experience to create a Twitch channel that features both video games and cooking.

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