Briana Owens

Briana Owens Junior Talent Booker

Briana Owens is a proud graduate of Ithaca College with a Bachelor's of Science in Television-Radio. Read Bio

Briana Owens is a proud graduate of Ithaca College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Television-Radio.

With a passion for the entertainment industry and a love for warmer weather, Briana moved to Los Angeles to start her career in the entertainment industry. Briana started off by landing two internships. At Stagecoach Entertainment she worked as a Talent & Literary Intern providing script coverage, booking auditions for clients, and tracking up-and-coming talent.

Additionally, she spent time at Anderson Group Public Relations as a PR intern. She helped a team of publicists monitor press coverage, pitch clients for media opportunities, and assisted with celebrity events. Following her internships, Briana began working full-time at Entertainment Tonight. She worked for months as an overnight Production Assistant before being promoted to a daytime Media Assistant. Briana supported directors and producers with footage requests for the show, assisted with talent logistics, and helped at production shoots.

Briana is a Junior Talent Booker at Broadcast Management Group in Chicago.

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