Bob Bieberdorf

Senior Broadcast Systems Design Engineer

Bob has played an active role in the migration from analog to digital and seen the dynamic ways of how the broadcasting industry and the new digital marketplace have been converging.

With a career that began at the local TV level as an engineer and master control operator, Bob progressed into engineering design and integration where he has touched nearly all of the major milestones in broadcast engineering and worked on some of the biggest projects of their time.

Bob has had the opportunity to work for such companies as Communications Engineering, Sony Electronics System Integration and National TeleConsultants. He has been a part of the teams who have developed major engineering projects like Fox Sports Network Operations Center, NBC New York, MSNBC, ESPN Digital Center One and the Playboy Channel.

At DirecTV Bob worked as a design and commission engineer transitioning broadcast systems from simple HD-SDI baseband to encoded streaming and IP based multicasting. This project required the collection of all local HD TV station signals, multiplexing them together and uplinking them to their satellites. Bob played a critical role in designing a monitoring system that allowed diagnostic evaluation at each point in the signal chain, to be viewable from a central location.

Bob can also draw on his experience of having helped develop post-production workflows in the industry. He worked closely on the development of the EMC, Avid and Lightworks platforms. This led to working for Tribeca Henninger Editing Tools engaging with Hollywood and New York film & video production units.

Broadcast Management Group is pleased to have Bob join our team and the wealth of experience he brings to our ability to better support our clients.

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