Ashley Kyles

Graphic Designer

With nearly 10 years of experience in user experience design and web development under her belt, Ashley brings creativity to her role as BMG’s graphic designer and web developer.

Ashley has had a passion for the web and digital graphic art since her freshman year of college. Teaching herself how to program for the web before she chose her major, she eventually became Illinois State University’s online editor for their news publication ‘The Daily Vidette’ for three years until graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Web Development. She has been a part of many of Chicagoland’s top development teams as a web designer and web content manager ever since.

Beginning her career as a graphic designer, she eventually transitioned as a web developer and eventually aspired to specialize in WordPress development and is now the web content manager of BMG’s official web portal. She has a unique perspective on web design, often combining her programming skills with her sharp creative eye for user interface design to create the most robust, visually pleasing and scalable websites possible. She has many years of freelance experience as well as rebuilding websites, refurbishing brands and defining user experiences for many Chicago start-up companies like TeachHub, Buck Agency, HIMMs, and NowPow.

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