Over-the-Top Television

Over-the-top-television – or OTT for short – is the convergence of television and digital video. In short, its the delivery of television content via the internet WITHOUT the use of traditional cable, satellite, or pay-per-view services (sorry, Comcast).

What is OTT?

So why is OTT important for networks, broadcasters and anyone creating video content? Because OTT is changing the way we broadcast and consume content. This 'disruptive technology' is impacting the way major brands and advocacy groups market and engage with the public. And its now a key part of the strategies agencies develop for their clients. If you're not dialed into OTT now, you'll be missing a tremendous opportunity which could leave you sidelined by your competitors. Broadcast Management Group is a pioneer in content development, broadcast technology and production. We're out in front of the curve and actively working with organizations ready to tap into the power of OTT.

Whether you're looking to create video content for distribution on an OTT platform, or looking to build an OTT channel from the ground up, BMG can help. Our award winning international team have extensive experience working with broadcast and digital networks. We can put all the pieces in place to create and distribute live or pre-produced content on OTT platforms. Additionally, we excel in OTT consulting and network development strategy. We can support you in operational planning, budgeting, production staffing and content development. BMG is one of few companies in the industry that has successfully launched OTT channels from concept to execution.

Our Approach to OTT

We begin each engagement by listening to the goals and objectives of our clients. Its important that we understand the direction of your platform or content so we can build a strategy around meeting those goals. From there, we begin to map out a content strategy, develop show formats and organize the right technology in order to get your project off the ground. We can assist with budgeting, operational planning and the design and build-out of physical production operations.

Our Expertise

BMG is an innovator in creativity, production operations, and technology. These traits are in our DNA, which we bring to each of our projects. We saw the huge potential that OTT offered at its inception and we’ve been pushing the boundaries at every turn. We’ve produced live content for OTT platforms for some of the major players in the game, handling everything from content development, equipment procurement, technical engineering and encoding to production staffing and management. We’ve also designed and built OTT platforms from the ground up, creating the overall network strategy, developing the show formats and overseeing the technical design and build-out.

Industries Served:

Digital Media Companies

Broadcast Networks

Cable Networks




Our Process

1. Consulting

  • Initial meeting and discussion of project scope
  • Kick off strategy meeting, including the development of key success metrics and expectations

2. Developing the OTT Strategy

  • Development of OTT platform and transmissions plan

3. Physical and Technical Facility Design, Build and Operations

  • Physical Plant construction and/or renovation
  • Identify location(s) to build out technical facilities
  • Technical design development

4. Budgeting

  • Development of revenue strategy
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Ad and sponsorship sales

5. Timeline Development

  • Project Management
  • Series Format Development

6. Content Development

  • Design and development of graphics package for network and shows, including audio
  • Live Production Execution

7. Long-Term Production Management & Staffing

  • Hiring of the creative and technical team
  • Hiring, training and coaching of on air talent

8. Operations

  • Rehearsal and technology testing
  • Network Soft Launch
  • Network Launch

“We are immensely grateful for everyone’s outstanding effort and proud of the resulting work.”

Loretha Jones | President of Programming, BET News

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