Movie Premieres

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Video + Audio Flight Pack
Production Truck

CamerasUp to 4
3 manned, 1 unmanned
Up to 6
3 manned, 1 unmanned, 2 robotic
Up to 8
4 manned, 4 robotic
Creation of show open, close and transitions
Live transmission & streaming (up to 3 platforms)
Graphic and playback capabilities
(Client to provide assets)
Live Captioning
Production management & logistics for live stream
1-day production – setup, production & strike (OT rates may apply)
Editorial Package
(Additional to above rates)
GraphicsIncludes an open, lower third, and transitions
Video Packages10-20, 1-2-minute packages utilizing studio provide footage, including: actor interviews, movie trailers, factoid content on actors and movie
Social Clips10-20, :30-:60 second clips during the live show for social team to post in real time and post event

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