Live From SXSW With Mashable and Twitter

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Head on over to Twitter ( at 12:00pm CST from Friday, 3/10 through Sunday, 3/12 for “The Mashable Show” live from SXSW.  The daily 90-minute program will feature interviews with celebrities, filmmakers and musicians and a focus on all things Austin.  Comedian Kerry Doherty will be hosting along with our favorite baked goods addict, Cookie Monster, as co-host (no, really).

BMG is working in tandem with the Mashable team on the 3-day live production.  We’ll be on-location to build-out a full command center with redundant transmissions, graphics and playback systems, comms and audio systems and integration of 9 cameras.  We’ll also have an ENG crew shooting live remotes throughout Austin which we’ll be integrating into our live program.  Each day will end with a live stunt – ranging from a gameshow to an attempt to beat a Guiness world record.

Tune in to catch the action.

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