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Line Producer

Job Summary:

Broadcast Management Group (BMG) is looking for a Line Producer for the launch and development of a new OTT network. This position will report to the network's Executive Producer for instruction and guidance on the daily tasks required. The primary functions include Line Producing at least 2 daily live and/or live to tape shows along with producing any promotional elements for each show as assigned by the Executive Producer. The Line Producer will also be responsible for the development of new programming for the network including concept development, writing and pitching. This position will lead the creative and technical teams involved in producing each show, providing clear direction of the requirements for each program. The Line Producer will be responsible for monitoring the success of each show and making adjustments as necessary to insure the show’s success.


Primary responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Creating and developing new live and live-to-tape shows
  • Producing two or more live and or live-to-tape daily (M-F) shows
  • Managing and updating show rundowns
  • Writing script copy
  • Managing and tracking the insertion and updating of all video elements and graphics
  • Supervising editorial, graphic and technical teams
  • Managing the overall logistics of each show
  • Producing promotional content for each show assigned
  • Measure the success of each program based on pre-determined success metrics and make adjustments as needed to optimize the show’s success


  • Must have experience using ENPS or a similar system
  • Must have strong writing and producing skills
  • Must have live production experience
  • Must have experience working in a studio environment
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills, ability to effectively manage multiple projects and ability to take initiative
  • Knowledge of Adobe Premier editing software
  • Ability to travel when needed
  • 5+ years of relevant experience


  • Experience with network launches
  • Experience working in the financial services industry or producing finance-related content
  • Knowledge of investing and trading stocks
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