The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing requirements have forced many companies to adapt to a sudden and massive shift in their “normal” work routines. Media companies, specifically, have had to re-evaluate how they’re producing content. Many have turned to at-home production workflows (or REMI workflows).

As a live production service provider, we’ve worked with several companies on deploying at-home production solutions of varying scale and complexity. Currently, our team is managing an average of 50 at-home transmissions per day. And to date, we’ve built over 20 at-home studios.

Our team has developed remote production kits to accommodate talent, producers, directors, and content contributors. This allows you to keep your programming on-air while keeping your organization safe. Broadcast Management Group’s custom REMI kits are ideal for news programs, town halls, corporate presentations, or panel discussions.

Our at-home production workflow is entirely scalable, meaning we can add as many hosts or guests as needed to support your content requirements. We can deploy REMI kits to supplement an existing technical operation, or we can supply the technical backbone using one of our custom flight packs.