There’s nothing quite like live music. Whether that means rocking out to a favorite band live in concert or attending a multi-day music festival, featuring dozens of live performances.

BMG’s live music production experience makes us a valuable resource for networks, event companies, venues, digital media companies or promoters who want to reach new audiences. BMG can provide full video production services for one-off concerts or multi-day music festivals featuring multiple bands on multiple stages. BMG is the premier leader in live music production, producing shows for clients and events all over the world. With a deep bench of event partners to call upon, we can handle everything from on-site build-outs, staging, rigging and FOH sound to permitting and security, allowing our clients to get turn-key event production coverage with just one phone call.

Recent BMG productions include a classical music concert featuring 200+ performers to an all day music festival in the heart of New York’s Times Square. We understand the complexity and finesse needed to produce high quality live content for your intended audience.

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Our Live Music Capabilities:

  • Complete on-site technical design, engineering and build-out
  • Technical engineering, planning and coverage for simultaneous performances on multiple stages
  • Robust recording and media management capabilities, including day-of editing and ‘live to drive’ functionality
  • Procurement, management and engineering of all production resources
  • Live transmission services, including live streaming and encoding to single or multiple digital channels
  • Full production staffing, including directors and producers
  • Event staging, lighting, rigging and permitting capabilities
  • Artist management and booking services
  • Creative design and digital media services, including social media integration and engagement strategy