There is nothing more exciting than a live entertainment production; especially with BMG by your side. Our team has handled everything from live multi-camera remotes to an all day video stream in the heart of Times Square to a live tight-rope walk 6 stories above a busy city street. We’ve covered everything from Fashion Week to Comic-Con to the Oscars. We’ve worked in bars, yachts and major arenas. Each project was unique, with its own set of challenges. BMG’s flexibility, expertise and attention to detail allowed us to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances of each project and deliver a flawless live production every time.

BMG’s wide range of live event production experience allows us to meet even the most demanding needs. We take the time to understand your goals and objectives and then work quickly to put the right assets in place to bring your entertainment production to life. Reflected in every live production BMG undertakes is a true passion for video production and desire to make each one the very best.

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Our Live Entertainment Capabilities:

  • Pre-production support and logistics, including venue selection, budgeting and permitting
  • Technical engineering, planning and design
  • Full production staffing, including directors, producers, designers and editors
  • Live transmission services, including fiber, satellite, live streaming and encoding
  • Full event production services, including staging, set design, lighting and rigging capabilities
  • Digital media services, including social media integration and engagement strategy
  • Creative design services, including development of show opens, animations and production graphics