Newtek 4K Flight Pack


Our latest 4k flight pack features the Newtek Mix Engine switcher, which can accommodate up to 44 inputs. The versatility of this 4K flight pack makes it the perfect application for small to mid-sized multi-camera productions that need all of the components of live production – switching, graphics, playback, recording and live streaming.

Designed, engineered and fabricated by our in-house system integration team, our 4K flight pack is neatly configured in a custom-built cart that rolls into any production environment. Depending on your production needs, the 4K flight pack can be used as a stand-alone unit, or, certain functions – like audio, graphics and streaming – can be segmented to separate devices. This allows you to scale your production based on your technical requirements and budgetary guidelines.

Everything within the cart comes pre-cabled and routed, which makes setup and strike quick and easy. We’ve used our 4K flight pack for multi-camera productions where a production truck isn’t feasible.

Equipment Features

  • Up to 44 inputs with resolutions up to 4K (2160p 59.94)
  • 8x M/E buses with video re-entry and 4 key layers per M/E bus
  • 4x DDR’s
  • 1x sound media player
  • 10x animation buffer
  • 5x graphic buffers
  • 4x multi-view outputs
  • 2x Skype calls
  • 4x independent video mix outputs
  • 2x Streaming outputs
  • Support and control for up to 44x PTZ robotic Cameras
  • Internal LiveText graphics generator
  • 2X BlackMagic Design 12G Teranex Standards Converters
  • 2X Black Magic Design 12G HyperDeck Recorders
  • 2X Black Magic Design HDMI to HD Mini Teranex
  • 40x40 12G Router
  • Middle Atlantic UPS
  • Video and audio I/O Panels
  • 24 Port Netgear Network Hub

Contact us today to discuss your production equipment needs.

Contact us today to discuss your production equipment needs.

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