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Go live any time with broadcast-quality video and audio – from the comfort of your home or office – with our custom video production kits.

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Camera specs? You got it. Click to download our Camera Kit Packages.

Our custom video production kits offer a contactless remote production solution. Custom built by our system integration team, we’ve designed three video drop kits – the Lite, Pro, and Pro+ - each offering HD-quality video and audio capturing. Our video production kits are ideal for remote content capture sessions, one-on-one interviews, or panel discussions. Whether you’re looking to capture live or pre-taped content, our camera drop kits feature professional cameras, audio, lighting, communication, and most importantly, reliability.

As part of our video drop kit package, producers and directors can remotely monitor and talk to guests in real-time. Feeds from each camera kit are transmitted via the internet to our REMI production facility, where they’re recorded or integrated into your live program. Each remote production kit comes with detailed step-by-step instructions and phone support from our engineering staff. Or, depending on your talent’s comfort level, we can deploy a local production technician to assemble your video drop kit.

Live or live-to-tape. One-way or two-way communication. One or multiple guests. Our camera drop kits offer the flexibility and reliability to support your remote video production needs.

What's Included

  • HD Camera (iPhone 12 to Panasonic PTZ Camera)
  • Wired lavalier microphone
  • IFB
  • Lighting and stands
  • Live transmission capabilities
  • Remote monitoring and communication
  • Remote recording
  • Green screen and virtual set capabilities (Pro+ package only)


1. We ship your talent a sterilized, pre-tested remote production kit directly to their home or office.

2. We walk them through the technical setup or provide a local production technician to assemble the video drop kit.

3. We test all audio, video, lighting, and transmissions.

4. Producers and directors remotely monitor the program online, in real-time. And IFB capabilities allow producers and directors the ability to communicate directly with talent.

5. Video and audio content is remotely recorded or integrated into your live program.

6. The video drop kit is re-packaged and shipped back to BMG. All kits come with a pre-printed return label.


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