When to Hire a Broadcast Consultant

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Sometimes getting a fresh perspective is important. Maybe your technical facility could use some upgrades. Maybe your production staffing can be optimized. Maybe your content could use some tweaking. A broadcast consultant can provide valuable insights that maybe you hadn’t thought of. Knowing when to bring someone in is the first step towards improving efficiency.

Consulting on OTT channel launches

Over-the-top-television is today’s buzzword. And for good reason. OTT channels are completely changing the way content producers distribute content and the way consumers receive it. If you’re interested in launching an OTT network, it’s important to get it right. A broadcast consultant can help you through the entire process. From evaluating your technical needs and overseeing your facility build-out to developing your overall content strategy.

Consulting on a new broadcast facility

Building a production operation from the ground-up is a huge investment. It can take months of planning plus the obvious capital investment. You need to make sure you meet your existing needs, but also plan for the future – keeping a close eye on how technology is evolving. A broadcast consultant can help you throughout this process. You may want them to work alongside an existing systems integrator to make sure your integrator stays on schedule and on budget. Or, you may want them to have a more hands-on approach by helping to develop an equipment list, preparing the technical diagrams and finding the best integrator for the project. But before you can even begin with the technical installation, you need to make sure you have a right infrastructure in place. A broadcast consultant can work with your architect to make sure all the right considerations are taken when designing your studio and control room layout. Having adequate power, HVAC supply, acoustics and data connectivity are just some of the items that need to be addressed.

Development of production staffing strategies

You can have the best production facility in the world, but it’s meaningless without the right people operating it. A broadcast consultant can help evaluate your staffing levels, schedules and workflow to make sure you’re getting the most out of your team. You may find that outsourcing your production staffing make sense for your operation.

Development of long-term content creation strategy

Maybe you’ve got a state-of-the-art facility in place and a great team running your operation. Awesome. But what about your content? Is it reaching the right audience? Are you retaining viewers? Is it generating revenue for you and your sponsors? If not, a broadcast consultant can help you in developing show formats and making sure your content is moving the needle.

Evaluation of existing operations

It feels like technology becomes obsolete the minute you take it out of its packaging. If you’re broadcast facility needs an upgrade, a broadcast consultant can help to evaluate your existing technical infrastructure and make recommendations on what should be replaced or what’s nearing end-of-life. If your technology is in good shape, you may need help evaluating your technical workflow. There may be new technology or systems that can streamline your operations and reduce inefficiencies, which a broadcast consultant can help pinpoint.

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