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Here's a re-cap of some of the most common questions that clients have for us.

Do you own production equipment?

While we do own some equipment, the majority of our BMG-owned resources are designed to supplement our live production work, not to support the entire production. Because our productions vary so greatly – from mid-sized flight pack shoots to large-scale live productions with multiple production units – we feel that owning our own gear would be limiting. Rather than trying to force our gear to fit your needs, we take a fresh approach to each project – bringing in the right resources to accomplish the needs and goals of the job. We’re not going to force a puzzle piece to fit where it doesn’t belong; we’re going to find the right piece. Because we rent in such high volume, we’re often able to negotiate favorable pricing with our rental vendors, which is then passed along to our clients.

Do you own production trucks?

We do not – largely for the reasons listed above (in addition to the hefty price tag). Again, our projects vary from show to show and different projects require different production trucks. Sometimes a sports truck will suffice. Sometimes you need a music truck. Other times you need a smaller mobile unit to fit within the parameters of your venue. We have a number of national and international production truck vendors that we work with. Regardless of the project, we’ll find the right resources to fit your needs.

Do you own satellite trucks?

We do not. See the answers to questions 1 and 2 above. Are you noticing a theme? While we have a myriad of satellite truck providers that we work with, we also have a number of additional transmission options that may fit the needs of your project. Sometimes a satellite truck isn’t feasible and you need something else. Whether that “something else” is fiber, IP, cellular or microwave, we’ll find the best option to fit your scope of work.

Do you own your own studios?

Still no. However, if you’re looking to produce a studio show, we can work on finding the best location to fit your needs. The best part about not owning our own studio is we have ultimate flexibility – we’re not tethered to one geographic location or one specific studio. We can find you the right resources anywhere in the country. We can even build a temporary studio space in a “non-traditional” environment if you’re looking for something unique.

What are your rates? / Do you have a rate card?

This is the million-dollar question. For our live production work, we do not have a rate card – primarily because our projects differ so much from job to job (are you sick of hearing that yet?) No two projects are the same, which is why it’s almost impossible to set pre-determined rates. In addition to varying production elements that change from job to job, there are other outside factors that can drive costs, such as lead time, geographic location and travel. These items can – and do – have an impact on the budget. One thing we always ask our clients when we’re gathering info on a project is “what’s your budget?” We ask this question for two reasons: 1.We will work diligently to provide you everything you’re looking for production-wise (and more) while staying at or under budget, and 2.We want to make sure that expectations are realistic. If you’re looking to produce a 3-hour live show with 2 production trucks and 20 cameras and you only have $5,000 to spend, I’m sorry, but we probably can’t help you. We do offer hourly and flat project rates for our broadcast consulting work. Give us a call to discuss our consulting rates.

I need to book an ENG crew. Can you help me?

Technically, yes, but we typically do no pursue small booking projects. It would not be cost effective for us to book a small crew on your behalf.

How do you staff your productions?

Are you familiar with the saying, “a magician never reveals his secrets”? The same applies to live production. We can’t give away all our secrets, but can provide some insight. For live productions, we have a core production management team that’s involved in all of our production work – that consists of an Executive in Charge of Production and a Production Manager. Budget permitting, one or both members of our production management team will be present and on-site during your live show. Our EICP and Production Manager are responsible for managing all facets of your show and will be your primary points of contact for the duration of the project. You will not need to interface directly with crew members, venues or equipment providers – that’s what we’re here for. For the remaining crew, we put forth a great deal of effort to hire crew members locally. However, sometimes – depending on the market – certain crew positions need to be flown in. In this instance, we will line up the best possible talent for each of those positions. We will book and manage their travel schedules directly. Typically, BMG provides the technical crew, including the director, and our client’s prefer to provide their own in-house editorial team to produce the show. In addition to the technical crew, BMG can provide editorial staffing services if necessary. This can include executive producers, line producers, writers, bookers, etc. In addition, we can supply creative crew, such as graphic designers, editors and animators.

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